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The Importance of Hand Exercises

August 10th, 2018 | HandSurgeon Info

Hand HealthWhen we think of exercising we often think of cardio activities like running, walking, swimming, and biking. There are also strength training activities like weight lifting.  These exercises often focus on our legs, arms, and core.  Many people don’t realize the importance of regularly exercising your hands.  Hand health is important –  you need your hands strong to effectively grip, hold, and squeeze. Strong hands facilitate the ability to perform a myriad of daily tasks.

According to The American Senior Communities, hand health is incredibly vital, especially as we age.  After the age of 65, it is common for hand function to decrease for a variety of reasons in both men and women.   Considering the importance of our hands, it would be wise to show them extra care!

Hand exercises aren’t time consuming and a little effort goes a long way.   Get strong, healthy hands with exercises that strengthen the muscles in the hand as well as the fingers and wrists.  The Huffington Post has put together a great list of exercises along with pictures to help explain each one to you.

If you believe you have medical issues with your hands (or wrists, or elbows) that are preventing you from their effective use, if may be best to consult with a hand expert, such as Dr. Glenn Cohen, prior to any type of regular hand exercise. Contact Dr. Cohen’s office to make an appointment.

Spend a few minutes today showing your hands some love!

(note: While posts on this blog site are meant to be informative and thought provoking, they are not intended to be a substitute for proper medical advice or diagnosis of a possible medical condition.  Please contact our offices if you feel you have a medical condition concerning your hand, wrist, or elbow)